Santa Barbara Surveillance Systems: Covert Equipment Sales Division

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Systems Integration


At Santa Barbara Surveillance Systems we work directly with you to design a surveillance system, which meets your particular objectives.

Santa Barbara Surveillance Systems installation division is a leader in the new field of systems integration. Systems integration involves taking the component parts including cameras, computers and networks and designing a surveillance system for your particular application.

We are not limited to any particular brand or manufacturer of equipment, which gives us the ability to design a system particularly for your budget and application. We work with a wide selection of distributors and vendors, which provide the latest cameras and surveillance equipment. This gives us the flexibility to design a system specifically tailored to your surveillance needs and to fit your budget.

Unlike an alarm company we do not pull up with a truck already loaded with what we have already decided to sell you and then charge you a monthly service fee for inferior outdated equipment. There are no monthly fees. You own the equipment that you helped select for your security network.

We start with a complimentary security survey of your home or business. We listen to your concerns and needs and assess the type of cameras and equipment that will best provide a highly effective surveillance system. This is a different approach then the big box system that some installers use. They order everything from one vendor in a package containing a DVR (digital video recorder) and x number of cameras and then try and make it fit your needs. It just doesn’t work that way. Santa Barbara Surveillance Systems caters to your needs.

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