P.I. License #9656



Covert Video Camera /DVR Systems Digital IP

Digital IP Covert Video Camera/DVR Systems
IP Alarm Clock Camera


Covert Video Camera/DVR Systems Digital IP**

**Remote veiw covert video from any where using the Web and a Laptop, Desktop or Smartphone.

Access Your Covert Video From Anywhere And Any Time!

Watch your child’s caregiver while sitting at a traffic light or lunch meeting, or check on your business security from the other side of the world. Our built-in hidden video features all digital transmissions providing a crystal clear image with zero interference. With the IP receiver stream watch your video over the internet through your router, and view on either a PC or smart phone. These IP hidden cameras come with multiple features to make the user’s experience hassle-free.



• Remote Video Access:
• Video is recorded locally to an installed SD card (2GB SD card included)
• Email notifications (motion alerts, camera failure, IP address change, SD Card Full)
• Live monitoring, recording and event playback via internet
• Back-up SD storage up to 32GB (SD not included)
• SD card lock box with key so SD card can't be removed
• Digital Wireless Transmission (No camera interference)
• View LIVE on your SmartPhone.


• Camera Specs: Image Sensor: 1/4" micron sensor
• Resolution: 720x480 pixels
• S/N Ratio: >45 db
• Sensitivity: >11.5V/lux-s @ 550nm
• Transmission range 700 feet line of sight
• Video System: NTSC
• White Balance: Auto Tracking


• Digital wireless hidden camera unit
• IP receiver with AC adapter
• Remote Control
• A/C Adaptor
• Key (for SD lock box)
• 2GB SD card
• Ethernet network cable

Covert Alarm Clock Camera /Digital IP



Covert Alarm Clock Camera with IR LIGHTS /Digital IP





DVD Player Covert Camera

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iPod Dock Covert Camera /Digital IP



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Digital Picture Frame Covert Camera /Digital IP



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