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QuickTrack Pro GPS



**New QuickTrack Pro GPS

** Now available with optional with 6 month battery for extended surveillance tracking**.

The new generation QuickTrak Pro micro GPS tracker leaves all the other GPS trackers in the dust because it gives you the best all-in-one features of all the other units on the market! It's a tiny real time GPS tracking unit you can use for surveillance vehicle tracking now amazing updates every 5 seconds through new AGPS technology . The QuickTrak Pro is motion activated which will save the battery life of the unit. The unit also has one button SMS and phone call features that lets you program up to 3 preset phone numbers.

You will find QuickTrak Pro has the features you need for vehicle tracking like no other product in the market place. The unit itself lets you program up to three preset phone numbers that can be called with one button operation. The unit is designed in a way that it can easily be attached to a belt or worn around the neck. This makes an ideal security device for children and the elderly. you can GPS locate in just a few seconds.

For a demonstration of the Tracking software see  ecceed.com User Demo Password Demo

**This is the most user friendly software. Any browser, platform, system, compatible**

**Try it out yourself using the Demo **


  • Track Any Vehicle In Real Time
  • Amazing Updates Every 5 Seconds!
  • Can store data in no or busy cell phone coverage areas and then send data on demand.
  • Motion Alert: Set Unit To Alert You Upon Any Detected Motion
  • Audio Alert: Use Unit for Workers Or The Elderly
  • Panic Button Function: SMS & Phone Calls To 3 Preset Telephone Numbers!
  • SMS And GPRS Enabled!
  • GPRS support enables up to 30 second tracking interval
  • Quad band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Support enabling world wide deployment
  • Firmware upgradable
  • OPTIONAL: Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box

  • The GPS and GSM modules are integrated inside the tracking unit case.
  • GPRS support GSM for downloading logged data
  • Up to 14400 individual locations can be saved
  • Built in motion switch (the unit can be mounted in any position for activation).
  • On/ Off switch
  • Panic Button
  • Microphone
  • Battery Li-Ion 3.7 Volt (small version)
  • Mini USB port - Serial (1200 to 38400 baud Rate) for external communication
  • Firmware upgrade, GPS data output and battery charge.
  • 4 LED indicators
  • Send Panic message from unit and location then listen in remotely.

Standard Accessories:
  • Multi-Functional Micro Sized QuickTrack Pro Tiny GPS Tracker
  • USB Cables For Connection To Your Computer
  • Cigarette Lighter Battery Charger Cable
  • Standard Battery Charger Cable
  • Earphone Set For Audio Communications
  • CD Software For Your Computer
  • OPTIONAL: Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box

Slap-N-Track Waterproof, Weatherproof Case

The Slap-N-Track Magnetic Mount Box is waterproof and weatherproof. It provides an instant install method for the QuickTraK Pro GPS with it's magnetic mount on vehicles. (3 month Slap-N-Track Box Dimensions: 3.125" X 2" x 1")

3 or 6 Month LongTrack Battery Pack
with case
The long track Slap-N-Track extended life battery pack gives you up to ** Now with 6 months of battery life for extended surveillance tracking.

QuickTrack Pro
QuickTrack Pro w/Magnetic Slap-n-Track Case
QuickTrack Prow/ Case & 3 month Battery Pack
Long-Track 6 month Battery Pack & Larger Case (GPS not Included)