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**Relations dating site verification

Dating sites and Apps have taken over

Do people meet in person anymore? We were all stuck indoors recently thanks to Covid and that created an online explosion of loneliness that was filled by new ways to meet up online. 

This is to help understand the dangers involved in starting relationships using those modern tools that we are all getting used to- Dating sites and Dating apps and Hook up sites.  The old saying "Love is Blind" is never truer than when you just clicked on an enticing profile and you have no idea who or where that profile really is. No one can keep track of all the dating sites and apps anymore but one thing that is important to understand is almost none of them verify any of the profiles. I would estimate that most profiles involve exaggeration at minimum and out right fraud many times. The goal is financial gain, lust or much worse. I don't want to share the gory case details here but some high profile mass murderers start using dating sites and fill up entire TV series on Investigation Discovery network. Once we get the love bug and our hormones start to flow our brains get short circuited and we want to believe. Thats normal we all want to find love. 

What can a Private Investigator do? A fresh set of eyes without the rose colored glasses can help to see through some of the smoke and mirrors and look for things to corroborate and verify the profile. Never send money or disclose personal or financial information until you have some verification. Unfortunately some of the sites and apps are setup to blind the unsuspecting from verification. Some of the most popular are not even based in the USA. Don't feel bad if you need help to sort through the fog created by a new relationship. It's better to be cautious than become a victim of the many new kinds of dating fraud that can be dangerous and deadly. If something doesn't feel right it probably isn't and your gut is trying to tell you something.