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Santa Barbara Surveillance Company specializes in providing videotape evidence for the defense of suspicious workers' compensation and personal injury claims.

With over 40 years of experience in surveillance we are consistent and reliable in obtaining videotape evidence and providing expert testimony.


Santa Barbara Surveillance Company has documented it all. With expertise in Insurance Defense cases we provide specialized services like Sub-Rosa and AOE/COE to Locating Witnessess on Workers' Comp Claims, Personal Injury Claims, Medical Malpractice Claims and Liability claims. We also conduct Accident Site Investigations, Locate, Serve and Interview Witnesses and Expert Testimony.   


Other services include, Workplace Theft and Shrinkage, Workplace Fraud, Embezzlement, Child Custody, Infidelity and Cheating Spouses, Spousal Support. We have more experience than almost anyone with 40 years of service in Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo Counties and all of California. Areas of Coverage statewide.


Private Investigator, Lic.#9656, Roy G. Howat, has vast knowledge of the laws, a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, ASU 1978, a lengthy track record of experience and the drive to get the job done, the right way, the first time!


With Santa Barbara Surveillance Company you get competent professional help. Just what you need. No wasting time or money. Straight to the point. Accurate detailed reports and videotape evidence that will stand up in court. Just the facts. The real deal!