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Insurance Defense Sub-Rosa

Insurance Defense Sub-Rosa


Santa Barbara Surveillance Company has been Specializing in surveillance on workers' compensation and personal injury claims since 1979 after graduating from ASU with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. we have extensive experience in this field of Investigative specialization called Sub-Rosa. We utilize the latest in high-tech video surveillance equipment, including covert concealment cameras we are undercover video experts. Professional, licensed and insured private investigators covering all of California. Investigators based in Santa Barbara, Ventura and San Luis Obispo Counties. 


This type of investigation enables carriers to make informed, timely decisions regarding the acceptance or denial of workers' compensation claims. Witnesses are located, statements obtained, detailed reports are provided. Bilingual investigators are available. 

Other Insurance Defense:

Suspicious Claim? Watch for RED FLAGS! 

  • 25-30% of Workers' Compensation Claims involve some degree of fraud.
  • SB Surv. Co. succeeds in obtaining evidence on over 95% of cases. 


  • Injury occurs on a Monday morning
  • Injury occurs immediately before possible termination or layoff
  • Claimant has suspicious medical providers or legal consultants
  • There are no witnesses to the injury
  • There are conflicting descriptions of the injury as compared to the original injury report
  • The claimant has a history of claims
  • The claimant refuses treatment
  • The claimant has a criminal record
  • The claimant is difficult to reach (Uses a P.O. Box, Voice Mail, Mail Drops)
  • Groups of claimants using the same doctors and/or lawyers
  • Late reporting of claim without explanation
  • The claimant has a history of frequently changing doctors, addresses, phone numbers or employment