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Infidelity & Cheating Spouses


Unfortunately, dating sites and hook up apps have made this problem worse than ever. Infidelity commonly leads to divorce and other legal issues. Santa Barbara Surveillance Company has a lot of experience conducting these kinds of cases. From long-term marriages to new dating relationships we have covered it all.

Cases that involve dishonesty in personal relationships are the most emotionally devastating. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and when that is violated the emotions are extreme and the desire for truth is at an all time high. Documenting infidelity can also play a helpful role in healing and recovery.

The causes and reasons can be many, getting the videotape evidence to prove that a partner in a relationship is not honest is important to help people make proper choices and protect themselves from fraud. Santa Barbara Surveillance Company has been a useful in many divorce cases ranging from common divorces, to very high profile situations. California is a no fault divorce state. 

Being located in Santa Barbara has given us a first hand account of what could be considered one of the main roots of the problem with infidelity! The city attracts a lot of people with too much time and money on their hands. People in a place with lots of temptations makes it tough for some to keep focused on any relationship. Santa Barbara is a well known haven for the rich, trust-funders and the wanna-be's who seem to get distracted by all that the CA resort life has to offer. Also Santa Barbara is a known destination for people who think that like Las Vegas, they can get away with whatever they can and it won't effect their real life back home. Worse are the cold hearted predators who target the rich, lonely and elderly. We would never use that term "I've seen it all" because people keep coming up with more ways to cheat and we have to keep that in mind to be effective, but we have seen some disturbing cases over the past 40 years. Not judging anyone, that isn't our department. For a completely confidential discussion give us a call. 

Red Flags for Infidelity 

There are many red flags but the main one that is so often overlooked is CHANGES. In my over four decades of experience in this field changes are what it comes down to. The saying "People are creatures of Habit" is very true! Changes in personal habits and daily routines can be an indication of a new love interest and/or relationship. Some changes might be more obvious like a sudden change in dress or personal style like hair, makeup or a change in the way they dress. Or  a shift in the work schedule and new activities like the gym or yoga. A very common one is unexplained absences and whereabouts. But some are very hard to detect and conferring with and hiring a Private Investigator can be necessary to figure it out. My very first Infidelity case forty years ago didn't take me 10 minutes to find the connection "involved" in the back of a VW Bus. Not all cases are that obvious and easy, most of the time it takes a lot of time and work to determine peoples connections.