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**Workers' Compensation Claims

Workers Compensation is one of the most common types of claims that Employers will have to deal with, it can be expensive and frustrating but your Insurance company and a Private Investigator will help you to defend your business from unnecessary cost and complication. 

What is workers' compensation insurance, and what is its purpose?

 A workers' compensation insurance policy provides covered employees with medical and wage replacement (indemnity) benefits that arise from workplace injuries. Only workplace injuries that arise out of and in the normal course of business are compensable. Generally, all businesses in California that have employees must purchase a workers' compensation insurance policy from a private insurance company or the State Compensation Insurance Fund.Some large businesses are self-insured and do not purchase insurance policies from an insurance company. For information concerning self-insurance, see the Department of Industrial Relations, Office of Self-Insurance Plans at

Who must have a workers' compensation insurance policy?

Generally, all California businesses that have employees must purchase a workers' compensation insurance policy or be legally self-insured.The WCIRB does not determine who is required to purchase a workers' compensation insurance policy nor does the WCIRB determine whether or not a person is an employee or an independent contractor.For more information, visit the Department of Industrial Relations Division of Workers' Compensation website at

What is covered by a policy?

A workers' compensation insurance policy covers the costs of medical treatment such as physician visits, prescription medications or surgeries. In addition, workers' compensation insurance provides lost time or indemnity benefits. Indemnity benefits are calculated on the basis of an injured worker's weekly wage and determined pursuant to applicable California laws. Your Workers Compensation Insurance will also cover the cost of Investigating the claim when there are suspicions that have been documented. Employers can hire an Investigator but this is generally not recommended.  

Santa Barbara Surveillance Company has over 45 years of experience with workers compensation claims. 

These links are provided for you to go directly to informative and legitimate Worker's Comp websites to help you gain more understanding as well as to verify information. 

 CA Department of Insurance - Workers' Compensation Fraud Program - Official site for California Department of Insurance and Worker's Compensation

Employers' Fraud Task Force - Anti-fraud solutions, training and information. 

 CA Dept. of Industrial Relations - Division of Workers' Compensation - CA State Statutes and Resources for Claims Professionals.

 Workers' Comp Executive - Current Events in Worker's Compensation. 

 California Coalition on Workers' Compensation - Organization for Workers' Compensation Professionals.

 SB Surveillance Company has been working in this field for over 45 years and is always available to answer your questions.