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Private Investigator Resources

Investigative Resources online- fact, fiction and fraud

There are many Websites and Apps that are helpful tools for Private Investigators that can be used by anyone to verify information. These are very different from the Databases that Private Investigators subscribe to and use to conduct business, obtain and verify information. Private Investigators have to make sure that the information they obtain is accurate or they face the possibility of losing their license and if information is obtained illegally going to prison.   

Information that can be found using many of the online public acces websites is only a general public records search and should not be used for legal purposes without being verified first, one of the companies I wont name even sounds like it. A skilled Private Investigator has multiple databases to corroborate the accuracy. And more important a Private Investigator will know how to do an actual physical court records search which may be the only way to guarantee the accuracy of a record. My experience testing the publicly available record search sites is they are all weak, sometimes inaccurate and sometimes just another scam. Here is the clue, it starts spinning for a long time with a bar going across your screen and after about 3 minutes it says "We Found" with a long list then compiling report spins for a few more minutes and Finally! You get the options for the monthly plan and your credit card info. 

I have used most of the proprietary Private Investigations Databases and they are only as good as the Investigator operating them.