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Investigative Services

Santa Barbara Surveillance Company P.I. License #9656

Santa Barbara Surveillance Company specializes in providing videotape evidence for the defense of suspicious workers' compensation and personal injury claims. With over 40 years experience in obtaining videotape evidence and providing expert testimony Santa Barbara Surveillance Company has significantly lowered settlement awards in a vast majority of cases. 

Private Investigator, Roy G. Howat, has been helping Businesses, Corporations, Attorneys, Law Firms and Private Individuals in California with a vast array of investigations for over 40 years. Contact him to have a confidential discussion regarding your needs.

 Insurance Defense

 Attorney / Law Firm

  • Locate / Interview Witnesses
  • Evidence Documentation
  • Accident Site Investigation
  • Expert Testimony
  • Criminal Defense

 Business / Corporate

  • Workplace Theft / Fraud
  • Internal Theft
  • Embezzlement / Financial Crimes
  • Work Place Injury
  • Physical Assets Search 


  • Infidelity & Cheating Spouses
  • Child Custody
  • Spousal Support / Fraud
  • Covert Video Specialist
  • Social Media Research