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**Social Media Investigation

Social Media Investigations

Social Media Investigations is used in conjunction with many other types of Private Investigations. As an example in Personal Injury Claims or Workers Compensation Investigations, the pre-surveillance social media search may find that they are involved in sports and other physical activity that is contrary to what they claim in their doctors reports. There is a wealth of potential information available to Private Investigators who conduct Social Media Investigations while in the course of Family Law Cases and personal matters of Infidelity and relationship fraud especially dating website schemes, scams and fraud but that is another topic.   

The Difference between Social Media Research and a Private Investigator conducting Social Media Investigations

Unfortunately the media itself misleads many using the term Social Media Research. Many websites, companies and people advertise their services as Social Media Research that are NOT LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS. This can be very detrimental to a case when a court finds that the information obtained may not have been legally obtained or can not be submitted into evidence. Licensed Private Investigators who conduct their own Social Media INVESTIGATIONS have more experience and intuition to determine fact from fiction. Many social media sites and profiles are just a lot of fiction and fraud and a real P.I. can go out in the field and conduct surveillance determine if the business or the person in the profile really exists. Some social media research is just a program that digs into the internet to pull up anything connected to the subject. But what is the connection? Thats why it takes a Private Investigator to determine what can be verified.